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ASA IT in Asia Prof. En Mao
Prof. Mark Srite

Compliance, Privacy, Security:  A new role and challenges for IT and IT leadership.

Prof. Greg Butler
CDA Culture in the Diffusion, Acceptance and Use of IT Dr. Pamila Dembla
CYC Cybercrime Prof. Nir Kshetri
CNG IT and Change Management Prof. Guido Capaldo
Dr. Pierluigi Rippa
DKM Decision Support and Knowlege Management Systems

Prof. Luca Iandoli
Prof. Sorin Gudea


Economic and Organizational Aspects of IS Security in Large, Distributed Environments.

Prof. Sorin Gudea
EGV E-Government Prof.Sushil Sharma
ERS Global SCM Systems Prof. Choton Basu
Prof. John Chenoweth
GEC Global Electronic Commerce Prof. Gerald Gonsalves
Prof. Chuleeporn Changchit
GIE Global IT Education Dr. Pamila Dembla
GNT Global IT Complex Networks Dr. Cristina Ponsiglione
GIG Global IT Governance Prof. Paul Licker
GOO Global IT Outsourcing & Offshoring Prof. Theophanis Stratopoulos

Outsourcing/ Offshoring: The Industrial Perspective

Dr. Rathi Dasgupta  
GSI Global Service Innovations Prof. Somnath Mukhopadhyaya
GIS Global Smart / Intelligence Sourcing Prof. Peeter Kirs
HSP Health IS Security, Privacy and Trust Issues Prof. Dawn Medlin
ITH IT in Healthcare Prof. Paul Ambrose
MSA IT in Mexico and South America Prof. Gustavo Pares
MNC IT in Multinational Companies Prof. Celia Romm
NAM IT in North America/South East Asia Prof. Prabhat K. Mahanti
ONE Online Education & Training Prof. Sorin Gudea
Dr. Pamila Dembla
  ICT in China Dr. Ruth King
IDE ICT in Developing Economies Dr. Solomon Negash
DDE ICT in Emerging Economies / Digital Divide Prof. Godwin Udo
SAM IT in South America Prof. Carlo Bellini
SME IT in Small and Medium Enterprises Prof. Choton Basu
Prof. John Chenoweth
KM KM in Healthcare Dr. Virginia Recchia
STR Strategic Applications of Global Economy

Prof. Michael Raisinghani
Prof. Zaiyong Tang

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